Exploring smell from memory, art and ICT


16:00 to 18:00

San Gregorio Auzoa, 3, 20211 Ataun, Gipuzkoa

Third workshop of the project “OdourCollect and elderly people: digitizing and co-creating our olfactory memory”.

This workshop is designed for participants to discover the relationship that exists between smells and memory, to finally give expression to this memory through of art.


During the process we will talk about smell, the use of ICT and citizen science.


    • 13/05 – Workshop 1 – 16 to 18 hr.
    • 14/05 – Workshop 2 – 16 to 18 hr.
    • 15/05 – Workshop 3 – 16 to 18 hr.
      • Exhibition 18 to 20 hr.


This project has been funded by the FECYT and aims to generate knowledge with citizens in an inclusive and creative way.

It is a free activity.


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