“C-OLOURS from Alexandria” Workshop


1h 30 min

Target audiences

Family, school, adaptable to any age from 8 years old

Number or range of participants

Minimum 15, maximum 30

More information


Smell cannot be seen or touched, but it accompanies us every day and stimulates our oldest and most complex sense: the SMELL.

C-OLOURS from Alexandria is a participatory workshop for all ages that combines the science and history of aromas into an exciting artistic experience. Immerse yourself in the legacy of a prominent scientist from the past: Maria of Alexandria, considered the mother of alchemy and the grandmother of chemistry. She was the one who invented the still, the tool to capture fragrances that is still being used 20 centuries later.

Join our workshop and learn how to transform an invisible being like smell into a visual and collaborative work of art with fluorescent paintings and UV lights. Experience the sensory connection by interacting simultaneously with science, history, and art in this unique opportunity!

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