Citizen science for citizen empowerment

We are a SME born from the will to tackle societal challenges affecting communities using innovative solutions.

We are focusing on environmental issues affecting citizens, or any other matters of concern, and uses a methodology based on a quadruple helix model of stakeholder engagement (public authorities and policy makers, industries and SMEs, academia, and communities, NGOs and CSOs, amongst others), to promote dialogue, increase transparency, and to co-design innovative solutions that are relevant to all the stakeholders involved. The identified stakeholders are involved in every step of the process: from the co-design of the research question, to the definition and the data gathering strategy, to its validation, analysis and co-design of solutions. Through data gathering and its analysis, new technologies and crowdsourcing, SfC empower communities using a bottom-up approach to co-design local solutions adapted to each local case, while promoting social innovation and the participation of citizens in decision-making processes that affect their quality of life.


Empowering citizens with ​Responsible Research and Innovation, citizen science and co-creation tools to design odour pollution control measures at local, national and global levels with CSOs, NGOs, local public authorities, odour emitting industries and academia.

Design, prototype and implement services that address the Open Science challenges shared by Citizen for improving the data and information quality using deep machine learning, automatic video recognition, advanced mobile app interfaces, and other cutting-edge technologies, based on data models and data protocols validated by traditional science.

Analysis and evaluation of the complex and multidirectional science communication strategies, including digital and non-digital ones, addressed to quadruple helix stakeholders in citizen science projects across Europe as the new paradigm for science communication.

Territories as Responsive and Accountable Networks of S3 through new Forms of Open and Responsible decision-Making.


OdourCollect is the App to report your odour complaints.

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Rosa Arias, CEO & Founder

Nora Salas Seoane, COO & Social Sciences Researcher

Silvina Frucella, Business Developer & Project Manager

Oriol Agulló, Communication & Project Manager

Diana Reinoso, Project Manager & Social/Environmental Researcher

Karinna Matozinhos, Communication Intern


EMCOWORKING: Enric Morera, 5
Hospitalet de Llobregat,
08901 Barcelona, Spain

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