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15 partners in 8 countries

Cos4Cloud is a project that integrates citizen science into the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) by co-designing innovative services to solve challenges faced by citizen observatories focused on biodiversity and environmental monitoring. From Science for Change we are responsible for coordinating the tasks of co-designing new services for citizen observatories and, through OdourCollect we are part of the citizen observatory network.

Project challenge

One of the biggest challenges in citizen science is the quality of the data, as well as the maintenance of the citizen observatories used to collect this data. Therefore, Cos4Cloud designs new user-oriented services in a highly inclusive way. Various sectors of society are involved, including the public sector, industry, academia and citizens.


Cos4Cloud addresses data challenges by developing thirteen technology services that aim to enhance citizen science platforms, also known as citizen observatories, and help them boost the quantity and quality of observations to ultimately ensure their long-term viability. Services are designed together with stakeholders and carefully tested with end users.

At SfC we are in charge of coordinating and facilitating the co-design of Cos4Cloud services, serving as a bridge between the different actors involved. To this end, we have organised different events to gather the needs and expectations towards these new services directly from the end users, the citizen science community.

In detail


The project organises a wide range of activities, from BioBlitzes to Datathons and Hackathons, as well as creating a space to exchange knowledge and share best practices. These activities will be a useful space to encourage citizen observatories to work together, especially on common challenges in infrastructure and technology. Cos4Cloud is an opportunity for networking between citizen observatories and an invitation to search for collective solutions for their sustainability.

Co-designed services 11/13

Co-design events – 23


People attending codesign events 890 attendees

MOBIS: Mobile interface for apps

MECODA data analysis package

Video stream processing service

PlantNet as own service

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